shared space - electronic

Digital and cassette tape release of the first “shared space” concert at mise-en place, curated by Teodora Stepancic. Electronic music pieces by Douglas Farrand, Sohrab Motabar, Cindy Giron, Assaf Gidron, Ana Gnjatović, and Sam Sfirri.


Tape artifacts from John Lely - All About The Piano

Tape artifacts generated from a performance of John Lely's "All About The Piano" in Brooklyn NY on April 13th 2018 by Douglas Farrand, Assaf Gidron, Jesse Greenberg, and Teodora Stepančić.


Joseph Kudirka - kids in sandbox

Cassette tape with a 42 minute and 43 minute realization of Joseph Kudrika's kids in sandbox score. Featuring Madison Brookshire, Jack Callahan, Jack Coleman, Francesco Gagliardi, Maria Gkotzampougiouki, Eva-Maria Houben, Beat Keller, David Kendall, John Lely, Scott Mc Laughlin, Ben Owen, Michael Pisaro, Dean Rosenthal, Marcus Rubio, James Saunders, Sam Sfirri, Stefan Thut, Lucie Vítková, Lee Weisert, Michael Winter, Amnon Wolman, Ryoko Akama, Jorge Boehringer, Douglas Farrand, Tim Parkinson, Mark So, Lee Weisert, & Michael Winter.

Edition of 100, with original cover art on each tape.