I am a composer and musician living in Newark NJ and working in Orange NJ on a number of projects at the intersection of music, education, urbanism, and place-based organizing. I grew up living in and around Nottinghamshire (UK), Cork (Ireland), and Singapore, before moving to the United States of America in 2004. Since then I’ve moved from New Jersey to Ohio, Western New York state, and back to New Jersey again.

My work as a musician, teacher, and organizer is concerned with developing practices that invite us to explore our myriad processes of listening and embody a collective investigation of place, community, and personhood. I’m fortunate to be able to pursue this through numerous collaborative group and duo projects:

  • together with Teodora Stepancic, Assaf Gidron, Jesse Greenberg, and Matt Lau, I program concerts and perform with LCollective - a group of composer-performers based in Brooklyn NY

  • Jeff Weston and I make slow music for trumpet and bass

  • Ryan Packard and I are slowly eroding a rock and a cassette together over many years

  • Evelyn Emile and I walk a lot and figure out how to talk about the things we care about. We are organizing a three-day screening of Madison Brookshire’s work in April 2019.

  • Christian Smith and I perpetuate a small handful of pieces that start out as single strands of material and simple ideas and grow into thicker, layered multimedia works.

  • Margaux Simmons and I sing, play, and work together almost daily in Orange NJ (more information below)

  • Porter James and I maintain some sort of investigation across many years and many places - currently New Jersey and the Philippines.

  • I regularly attend Creating Music Together Retreats, organized through Music For Contemplation by Craig Shepard, Dev Ray, and Tony Gabelle.

In Orange NJ I am the co-director (alongside composer/flutist Margaux Simmons and hip-hop artist/producer Ray Sykes) of Music City, a project with the University of Orange, a free people's urbanism school that focuses on education for equity. Music City works to connect and support music-making communities in Orange NJ, focusing on asset-based community development and popular education. I’m also director of and teaching artist with Sonic Explorations, a daily, free after-school music program at Oakwood Avenue Community School where students and teaching artists make music together in the context of string instrument classes, drumming classes, and sound/listening classes. 

I have studied music composition privately with Craig Shepard and at Oberlin Conservatory with Josh Levine and Ashley Fure. I’ve been fortunate to receive formative mentorship, both formally and informally, in composition, musicianship, teaching, organizing and listening from Reiko Füting, Christopher Fox, Tim Feeney, Vic Rawlings, Lisa DeLorenzo, Mindy Fullilove, Margaux Simmons, and countless others.

Contact: dougfarrand (at) gmail (dot) com