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Lucier's "Wind Shadows" at Music for Contemplation

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(also posted on the Music for Contemplation website here)

I had the pleasure of hearing Craig Shepard perform Wind Shadows, a piece by Alvin Lucier for trombone and sine-tones, at the Music for Contemplation series on April 10th 2015. 

"I wanted to write to say how wonderful it was to hear your performance of Wind Shadows on April 9th.  Very glad I was able to attend. I have been sitting with the sensation that really began immediately and so potently upon hearing the first 'swell' of the sine tones- and continued throughout the piece - of such a deep and mystifying poetics arising from such a basic, elemental, logical construction - such a distinct and clear identity arising immediately and without question from seemingly anonymous materials."

Alvin Lucier (L) with Craig Shepard. Photo by  Beth O'Brien .

Alvin Lucier (L) with Craig Shepard. Photo by Beth O'Brien.