works for situations/events/listening/misc.

Added on by Douglas Farrand.

Maybe its too late / for Josten Myburgh
egg piece for train travel

three scores (winter, spring, summer 2018)
physical copy only - three sets of three 3x5 scores, each with an accompanying image, all contained in an envelope
$5 per set of three scores, $12 for all three sets

two scores from January 8th 2018
1. for e.e. // 2. for l.b.

physical copy only - one 3x5 piece of card
$3 (cost covers printing and postage stamp)

snow day for molly rose (March 2017)

for Rachel (October 2016)

FIVE PIECES (May 2015)
scores for installation and performance

COLOURS (April 2015)

January 2015
for three or more organs and three or more bells

discrete species - march 2012
for several organs