works for ensemble

Added on by Douglas Farrand.

a sextet - july 2019
for four musicians playing sustaining pitched instruments, and two musicians playing objects ~40’
premiered by Assaf Gidron (sinetones), Teodora Stepancic (keyboards), Gabriela Areal (cello), Germaine Sijstermans (clarinet), Evelyn Emile (cassette tape, clapping, claves), & Douglas Farrand (cassette tape, clapping, stones) in Heerlen, NL

a septet - january 2019
for seven musicians playing keyboard instruments (more or less), ~60’
premiered by Lucia Vitkova, Teodora Stepancic, Jesse Greenberg, Matt Lau, Ofir Klemperer, Douglas Farrand, Assaf Gidron in Brooklyn NY

melodica, 8/22/17
’practicing playing melodica quietly’ - melodica quartet

August 2017
for ensemble, sine-tones, and accompaniment, ~40’ or ~12’
composed for and premiered by Ordinary Affects (Morgan Evans-Weiler, Luke Martin, Laura Cetilia, James Falzone, Jordan Dykstra, Douglas Farrand) in Somerville MA, September 2017.

September 2017
for ensemble, sine-tones, and accompaniment, ~40’ or ~12’
composed for and premiered by Keyboards 2 Ensemble (Teodora Stepancic, Coleman Zurkowski, Lucia Vitkova, Douglas Farrand, Assaf Gidron) in Brooklyn NY, September 2017.

some chords
for 3-5 musicians, mostly decaying instruments with one or two sustaining instruments, ~30’
premiered by Zane Merritt, Katie Weissman, Jessie Downs, Douglas Farrand, and Derick Evans in Buffalo NY, May 2016.

for voice, two wind instruments, string instrument, percussion, and electronics, ~16’
premiered by Jessie Downs, Zachary Good, Ryan Zerna, Myra Hinrichs, Ryan Packards, and Douglas Farrand in Chicago IL, January 2016.
physical score. - $15

trio (trumpet trombone piano)
~12’ piece

bass flute, horn, percussion
for bass flute, horn, and percussion, ~8’
premiered by Will Eisenberg, Laura Cocks, Christian Smith