works for duets

Added on by Douglas Farrand.

a duet (0) - august 2019
a harmony of many ears following the line, close to the ground or from a distance, barely hearing a vigorous buffeting of grasses and the laying of petals, one at a time, in the midst of it all
for two musicians playing instruments from different families
(1) for trumpet and bass

august 2018 - trumpet, bass, slides, tapes
composed with Jeff Weston on tour

duet 1/7/2018
for two people, one reducing a stone to a pile of dust, another reducing a cassette tape to a pile of dust

leaf sound / wave sound
for double bass with accompaniment
written for Jeff Weston

composed with Christian Smith, for bells, cassette tape, electronics
(April 2017 in LA/ August 2017 in MA)

duet - august 15th 2017
for instrument and accompanying activity

from the echoes and the winds
contrabass with accompaniment

two trumpets - august 2nd 2015 - Hunter’s Point South Park

Guitar and Flute
for guitar (in scordatura) and flute, ~90’
composed for and premiered by Kevin Dee and Laura Cocks
physical score - $15