partial work list by chronology

Maybe its too late / for Josten Myburgh
egg piece for train travel

a sextet - july 2019
for four musicians playing sustaining pitched instruments, and two musicians playing objects ~40’
premiered by Assaf Gidron (sinetones), Teodora Stepancic (keyboards), Gabriela Areal (cello), Germaine Sijstermans (clarinet), Evelyn Emile (cassette tape, clapping, claves), & Douglas Farrand (cassette tape, clapping, stones) in Heerlen, NL

“the rivulet sends forth glad sounds…” / “Everything was as stained and worn by use and accident as a hand or a face.”
C60 cassette tape

a septet - january 2019
for seven musicians playing keyboard instruments (more or less), ~60’
premiered by Lucia Vitkova, Teodora Stepancic, Jesse Greenberg, Matt Lau, Ofir Klemperer, Douglas Farrand, Assaf Gidron in Brooklyn NY

a quintet - january 2019
for five vocalists

three scores (winter, spring, summer 2018)
physical copy only - three sets of three 3x5 scores, each with an accompanying image, all contained in an envelope
$5 per set of three scores, $12 for all three sets

melodica, 8/22/17
download pdf

6/13 6/18 6/24 9/18
two c90 cassette tapes

choruses (0)
for two people reading and two people with natural objects

two scores from January 8th 2018
physical copy only - one 3x5 piece of card
$3 (cost covers printing and postage stamp)

duet 1/7/2018
for two people, one reducing a stone to a pile of dust, another reducing a cassette tape to a pile of dust

August 2017
for ensemble, sine-tones, and accompaniment, ~40’ or ~12’
composed for and premiered by Ordinary Affects (Morgan Evans-Weiler, Luke Martin, Laura Cetilia, James Falzone, Jordan Dykstra, Douglas Farrand) in Somerville MA, September 2017.

September 2017
for ensemble, sine-tones, and accompaniment, ~40’ or ~12’
composed for and premiered by Keyboards 2 Ensemble (Teodora Stepancic, Coleman Zurkowski, Lucia Vitkova, Douglas Farrand, Assaf Gidron) in Brooklyn NY, September 2017.

leaf sound / wave sound
for double bass with accompaniment
written for Jeff Weston

duet - august 15th 2017
for instrument and accompanying activity

from the echoes and the winds
contrabass with accompaniment

for percussion or any other instrument in any context

for guitar or any other instrument in any context

4 hour sound installation

motorcycles & elephants
c60 cassette tape, for and after Stephen Batiz

geese & chords
(1) “The Distance Call”, p169 - c60 cassette for Derick Evans
(2) “walking and trotting”, p111 - c60 cassette for Ryan Packard

four pieces
November 15th 2016, for one person with objects
November 11th, 2016, two pieces for guitar
November 4th 2016, for six or so people with keyboards
October 8th 2016, for six or so people with objects

piano piece - 75 chords
for piano, ~45’
premiered by Douglas Farrand in Orange NJ, October 2016.

some chords
for 3-5 musicians, mostly decaying instruments with one or two sustaining instruments, ~30’
premiered by Zane Merritt, Katie Weissman, Jessie Downs, Douglas Farrand, and Derick Evans in Buffalo NY, May 2016.

two trumpets - august 2nd 2015 - Hunter’s Point South Park

II. resonant titles on light / seascapes
too colors tones resonances / use of particulars Maine

for objects, instruments, light, video; solo for Ryan Packard

FIVE PIECES (May 2015)
scores for installation and performance

COLOURS (April 2015)

January 2015
for three or more organs and three or more bells

for voice, two wind instruments, string instrument, percussion, and electronics, ~16’
premiered by Jessie Downs, Zachary Good, Ryan Zerna, Myra Hinrichs, Ryan Packards, and Douglas Farrand in Chicago IL, January 2016.
physical score. - $15

Piano Miniature for Peter Freeman

discrete species - march 2012
for several organs

trio (trumpet trombone piano)
~12’ piece

organ solo (summer 2012-latest winter 2013)
organ solo, ~30’, for Justin Murphy-Mancini

Guitar and Flute
for guitar (in scordatura) and flute, ~90’
composed for and premiered by Kevin Dee and Laura Cocks
physical score - $15

discrete species - late winter
solo percussion, written for and premiered by Christian Smith

bass flute, horn, percussion
for bass flute, horn, and percussion, ~8’
premiered by Will Eisenberg, Laura Cocks, Christian Smith

Piano Piece 2011: 3,828 dyads for solo piano