ORNG Ink: Creative Musicianship (V)

Added on by Douglas Farrand.


Monday June 15th 2015 was the Creative Musicianship Class for Middle School Students Final Showcase at ORNG Ink. It was a really wonderful event, with several members of the ORNG Ink and University of Orange communities attending, as well as one of our student’s father and sister. The whole event can be listened to below.

After acknowledging the “graduating” students (track 1), the whole group - students, teachers, and audience members - did a short rendition of one of Oliveros’s “heart beat” exercises - moving from tapping to clapping our individual pulses, and then merging into one pulse (explanation - track 2, exercise - track 3).

The students, Doug, and I then performed the group’s final composition “Ocean Tides” for drum, two trumpets, soprano saxophone, and clarinet (track 4). The final work took a jazz-esque “solo and head” form, with the first three entrances of the harmonic material being played by the whole group - first with the wind players in unison, then in harmony, and lastly in retrograde. There then followed three “solo and accompaniment” sections featuring soprano saxophone, clarinet, and then trumpet. The last “solo” began with Doug’s scraping his pocket trumpet against the floor which built into a noisy full-group improvisation for an exciting conclusion.

Everyone who attended was excited and impressed by what was shared (track 5). While I can’t speak for the kids’ experience, I felt personally very blessed to have worked with them these past 8 weeks. Thank you all so much for your support in making this class happen. I look forward to more projects like this to come!

Mindy Fullilove, University of Orange Board President, research psychiatrist, professor, and author, wrote about the Creative Musicianship Showcase on her blog, "Countdown to Main Street"