To inquire about my teaching work-- be it classes and workshops offered, private lessons, or pedagogy-- please use the Contact button. Details on major projects are below.

Sonic Explorations

at Oakwood Avenue Community School, Orange NJ

Sonic Explorations is a daily, tuition-free, after-school music program at Oakwood Avenue Community School in Orange NJ. The program currently has 90 K-4 students who study violin, cello, drumming, and composition.

The programs values are rooted in the global El Sistema movement, as well as Deep Listening, a paradigm of musicianship and engagement with the world practiced, developed, and taught by the American composer Pauline Oliveros. 

Our team this year consists of Jared Fontaine (violin teaching artist (TA)), Julia Henderson (cello TA), Julian Cartwright (violin TA), Terrence Thornhill (cello TA), Queen Mother Imakhu (drumming TA), Scott Clark (ukulele TA), and Douglas Farrand (program director and composition TA).

Music City

a project of the University of Orange, with support from the Healthy Orange Coalition

Music City is a project of the University of Orange's music department that aims to bring together and celebrate Orange’s incredible diversity of musical communities. Three current projects are:

  • Music City Festival
  • Remembering Rosa: A Concert for Peace
  • Instrument Library

Music City Festival is a day-long international music festival in early June 2017 which aims to bring together music-makers of all ages- from infants up through adult community ensembles and professional musicians. 

Remembering Rosa: A Concert for Peace - 6pm, Thursday December 1st @ Rosa Parks Community School in Orange NJ -commemorates the 61st anniversary of Rosa Parks' refusal to give up her seat and the beginning of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The concert will feature performances by congregational and student choirs from around the city, demonstrating the unifying power of shared music making and the capacity it builds within us to confront our fears both as individuals and communities.

Instrument library provides affordable instrument rental and private lessons to music students in Orange NJ.

Listening and Sounding Workshops

Summer 2015: Workshops on exercises, pieces, and meditations by Pauline Oliveros at World Fellowship Center and at the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children (IAPC) Mendham Retreat.

Summer 2016: Listening and sounding workshop and instrument building workshop at World Fellowship Center in New Hampshire.

Listen to recordings made at World Fellowship Center during the Summer of 2015 below. Here recordings of the three Oliveros pieces we rehearsed are layered on top of one another.

ORNG Ink Creative Musicianship Class