some scores for purchase or download

three scores (winter, spring, summer 2018)
physical copy only - three sets of three 3x5 scores, each with an accompanying image, all contained in an envelope
$5 per set of three scores, $12 for all three sets

melodica, 8/22/17
download pdf

two scores from January 8th 2018
physical copy only - one 3x5 piece of card
$3 (cost covers printing and postage stamp)

three pieces for ensemble, sine-tones, and accompaniment
August 2017, September 2017, September 2017 (2)
bound score, $15
download pdf

leaf sound / wave sound

duet - august 15th 2017

four pieces
November 15th 2016, November 11th, 2016, November 4th 2016, October 8th 2016
bound score, $15
download pdf

piano pieces 2016
75 chords, October 2016, beaches
bound score, $15

some chords

guitar and bass
physical score - $25
download pdf

two trumpets - august 2nd 2015 - Hunter’s Point South Park
download pdf

January 2015
download pdf

physical score. - $15
download pdf

Guitar and Flute
physical score - $15
download pdf pdf