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reading Mark So's Into Silence... [I. readings 23]

Added on by Douglas Farrand.
Score, timepiece (not telling accurate time), black walnut shell

Score, timepiece (not telling accurate time), black walnut shell

Mark So's essay, Into Silence - The Poetics of Hearing in Experimental Music since Cage, attempts to trace a history of listening in two parts. The first part, [I. readings 23], is a score for solo reader, an assemblage of texts from composers, musicians, poets, philosophers, artists, etc. at first highly fragmented- a few words per line (each line lasting ~30")- becoming increasingly continuous over the pieces 6+ hours.

Having read the essay informally on several occasions since first coming across it in 2009, I decided to perform [I. readings 23] according to the score instructions during the summer of 2013. This first realisation took place between 12.30pm and 7pm on August 10th 2013 behind 171 East College Street, Oberlin, OH. A few listeners came by for varying periods of time, one of whom performed a selection of other So text pieces. I was struck by the revelatory nature of the experience- the way the piece works over such a duration exceeds any description of the mechanics of the piece. 

Future readings will be listed here.

You can (as of July 2014) download the essay/score here

three recent pieces by Eugene Kim

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A performance of three of Eugene's recent pieces by Tony Risotto, Sivan Silver-Swartz, Peter Kramer, Carrie Frey, Porter James and Douglas Farrand on March 20th, 2013.

1. 14:18, 3 oct 2012
Tony Risotto, Sivan Silver-Swartz- guitars

2. viola/guitar
Carrie Frey- viola, Peter Kramer- guitar

3. for two attack instruments with long sustaining decay 
Douglas Farrand, Porter James- pianos


Jason Brogan's text pieces (2009) [2011-2012]

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A series of 19 concerts in Oberlin, OH that took place roughly once a week between the first week of November 2011 and the last week of April 2012, with a hiatus between December 22nd and February 5th. Each concert was a realisation of one page from Jason Brogan's 21 page (2 pages went unrealised) score: text pieces (2009). Each piece was realised by a solo performer at a time and location of their own choosing.

A variety of documentations have been gathered. Information concerning each realisation (performer name, location, time, partial attendance list) is present for all events. Some events have audio recordings either of the realisation or audio recordings used in the realisation. A few photographs have been provided for events where they were taken. Notes from either my notebook or my memory have been provided when available. 

Select a score from the images below. Scores for which additional documentation has been added can be clicked to view said additional documentation.