reading Mark So's Into Silence... [I. readings 23]

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Score, timepiece (not telling accurate time), black walnut shell

Score, timepiece (not telling accurate time), black walnut shell

Mark So's essay, Into Silence - The Poetics of Hearing in Experimental Music since Cage, attempts to trace a history of listening in two parts. The first part, [I. readings 23], is a score for solo reader, an assemblage of texts from composers, musicians, poets, philosophers, artists, etc. at first highly fragmented- a few words per line (each line lasting ~30")- becoming increasingly continuous over the pieces 6+ hours.

Having read the essay informally on several occasions since first coming across it in 2009, I decided to perform [I. readings 23] according to the score instructions during the summer of 2013. This first realisation took place between 12.30pm and 7pm on August 10th 2013 behind 171 East College Street, Oberlin, OH. A few listeners came by for varying periods of time, one of whom performed a selection of other So text pieces. I was struck by the revelatory nature of the experience- the way the piece works over such a duration exceeds any description of the mechanics of the piece. 

Future readings will be listed here.

You can (as of July 2014) download the essay/score here