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an opening of a space to another space

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4. Peter Freeman - Art building (Venturi addition) entrance - November 20th 5pm

partial (by memory) attendance: Peter Freeman, Jessie Downs, Doug Farrand, Tristan Gordon, Porter James, Ron Shalom, Christian Smith

documentation: audio recording, photographs (Tristan Gordon)

notes: (from notebook) shocking --- (illegible), --- ----
action + environment. p4 almost lyrical in its variation, --, flexibility.
one by one opened the door through towards the courtyard, + then moved through it.
Each person timing it differently, doing s- ---- (illegible) --- all doing the same.
Walking through the door -- -- other side --- (illegible) else entirely. Leaves- geese - only if resonance -- (illegible) --- inside, now the doors opening/ the -- (illegible)  s very different indeed. and again. Sometime. 

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