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19. Alex Heald - grassy earth mound between police station and Plum Creek - April 6th 5pm

partial (by memory) attendance: Alex Heald, Jessie Downs, Doug Farrand, Adam Parker-Levine

documentation: audio recording, text (Alex Heald)

notes: (from memory) a strikingly strange passage of 6 minutes
Alex pointed out the very slight visual impact of his performance, the slightly flattened grass reflecting the light differently

Straight Orbit

On the grass at the rear of the police station at the side of the library at the side of the creek, three people, a fluid speaker in coat, a medium bell-keeper in tap, a watching listener in hat, and more than three culled a me in sport to trumple backwards over 2 mounds the distance from my eye to the sun. 

- Alex Heald

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