Composition (2010-present)

sample of works with sound and scores

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some scores:

four pieces (incl. November 11th 2016)

piano pieces 2016 (incl. October 2016)

some chords

Guitar and Flute


oatmeal piece for porter james

trio (trumpet, trombone, piano)

organ solo (summer 2012 - latest winter 2013)



Joseph Kudirka: kids in sandbox

i contributed to this cassette tape out on motor image recordings

(1) bottom, (2) top

geese & chords

cassette tapes

(1) "The Distance Call", p169 for Derick Evans
(2) "walking and trotting", p111 for Ryan Packard

Cassette tapes featuring geese calls recorded via Cornell Ornithology Lab webcam on side A and sequences of chords derived from Konrad Lorenz' book about greylag geese Here Am I- Where Are You? on side B, recorded to celebrate a birthday of each pieces' dedicatee.

Compost and Height: George Brecht's Water Yam (2012)

including contributions from Oberlin OH by Jessie Downs, Douglas Farrand, Peter Freeman, Tristan Gordon, Porter James

click here for 21 realisations of George Brecht’s Water Yam performed throughout 2012

Jason Brogan: text pieces (2009)

realized in Oberlin OH from 2011-2012.

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